5 Effective Methods to Fix Clipboard History Not Working on Windows 10

Summary :

For Windows 10 users, Clipboard History is a rather useful tool that was introduced in Windows 10 October 2018 Update. However, some users complain on the forum about Clipboard History not working on Windows 10. To fix that, 5 feasible methods as well as the detailed steps are provided for you in this post.

Method 1. Make Sure Clipboard History Is Enabled in Settings

First, you need to make sure the Clipboard History feature in enabled, in case you may have disabled it before for personal reasons or have never enabled it yet.

Method 2. Sign in with Microsoft Account

You can also choose to sign in to Windows 10 with a Microsoft account. By doing this, you can sync the clipboard across devices. The detailed steps are provided below.

Method 3. Restart Windows Explorer

Restarting Windows Explorer is another simple method to fix Clipboard History not working. You just need to open Task Manager and scroll down to find Windows Explorer on the Processes tab, then select it and click Restart.

Method 4. Enable Clipboard History Via Group Policy Editor

Clipboard History not working can also be fixed by configurating a certain setting in Group Policy Editor. Here is the step-by-step tutorial.

Method 5. Enable Clipboard History Via Registry Editor

If the methods introduced before don’t work, you can try to edit the Registry. Note that it’s recommended to back up the current Registry state because editing the Registry may cause damages to your system.