How to Solve Avast Bank Mode Not Working — 5 Methods

Fix 1: Make Sure the Bank Mode Extension Is Enabled

There is an extension related to the bank mode in the settings of Avast Secure Browser. By default, it is enabled, but it might be turned off after an update. If the extension is disabled, this mode will be unable to work properly. So, you should make sure the extension is enabled first.

Fix 2: Use the System Tray Icon

According to the reports, some users successfully open the bank mode using the system tray icon of Avast Antivirus. This is not a thorough solution but may instantly make the Avast Bank Mode work for you. So, you can also have a try.

Fix 4: Scan Your PC Using Avast Antivirus

As it turns out, the bank mode issue could be caused by a temporary failure of Avast Antivirus modules. In this case, you can scan your PC using Avast Antivirus to solve the problem.

Fix 5: Reinstall Avast Secure Browser

If all the above methods fail to resolve the problem for you, perhaps the installation of Secure Browser is corrupted. To fix the issue, you need to reinstall it. Just completely uninstall the Secure Browse, download the latest version from the official website, and install it according to the onscreen instructions.


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