How to Solve “Make Sure OneDrive Is Running on Your PC” Error

Fix 1: Restart OneDrive

If you encounter certain problems while using OneDrive, the first thing is restarting your OneDrive. A simple restart can re-configure the app settings and fix the potential bugs, which may help you resolve the “make sure OneDrive is running on your PC, then try again” issue.

Fix 2: Disable the Files On-Demand Feature

Besides, some affected users have resolved the problem by disabling the Files On-Demand feature for OneDrive. So, you can also have a try.

Fix 4: Reset or Reinstall OneDrive

If there are some problems with the OneDrive folder or installation contents, you might also encounter the annoying problem while opening your OneDrive files. To fix it, you can choose to reset or reinstall your OneDrive.

  • The OneDrive icon will disappear and then reappear. If the icon doesn’t appear again, you need to open Run, enter %localappdata%\Microsoft\OneDrive\onedrive.exe, and click OK.
  • In the right pane, choose Microsoft OneDrive, click Uninstall, and confirm the operation.
  • Restart your computer. Go to the official website to download the latest version of OneDrive and install it.

Fix 5: Remove Conflicting Software

If all the above methods fail to fix the mentioned OneDrive issue for you, perhaps certain installed software is conflicting with your OneDrive. You can disable the recently installed applications to test it. Alternatively, you can also clean boot your computer to figure out the problematic software easily and then keep it disabled or remove it.


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