How to Solve TeamViewer Connection Failed No Route

Solution 1: Restart the Network Connection

As the error message shows, your partner did not connect to router. So, it is possible that this issue has something to do with the router and the network connection of both computers. Before trying any technical solutions, you can simply restart the router to re-establish the network connection on your computer and your partner.

Solution 2: Allow Full Access Control

Besides, to make sure that the TeamViewer client has the privilege to create connections between the involved computers, you need to allow the Full Access Control on both devices. Here’s what you should do:

Solution 4: Disable IPv6 on Both Computer

Some users have resolved TeamViewer connection failed no route error by disabling IPv6, and you can also have a try. You can refer to the instructions below and make sure to repeat the operation on the client’s computer.

Solution 5: Flush DNS

Corrupted DNS entries could also lead to the “partner did not connect to router” error in TeamViewer. In this case, flushing DNS cache could be helpful to fix the connection issue. You just need to:


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