Top 7 Methods to Fix Outlook Not Responding Issue

Fix 1: Make Sure Outlook Is Not Used by Another Process

One of the main reasons for Outlook not responding is that your Outlook is in use by another process. To fix it, you just need to end the hanging Outlook.exe process in Task Manager.

Fix 3: Disable Outlook Add-ins

Although add-ins can improve your Outlook performance, they might also bring some problems, including Outlook not opening or not responding. So, you can try disabling removing these add-ins to fix the problem.
To do that, you need to launch your Outlook and go to File > Options > Add-ins > Go.

Fix 4: Turn Off AppData Redirection

In some cases, the AppData folder (which stores certain Outlook data) is redirected to a network location. This will slow down your Outlook and thus Outlook freezes or stop responding. To fix it, you need to disable AppData redirection. Here’s how to do it.

Fix 5: Fix Outlook Data Files

Outlook not responding might occur if the data files of Outlook are corrupted. You can try fix these data files using the Inbox Repair tool (SCANPST.EXE).

Fix 6: Repair Microsoft Office Suite

If Microsoft Office gets corrupted, your Outlook might also run into certain problems. So, you can try repairing your Microsoft Office suite to fix Outlook not responding. It’s easy to operate.

Fix 7: Create A New Outlook User Profile

Also, the corrupted user profile should be responsible for Outlook not responding issue. In this case, you can create a new user profile to fix it.



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